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*Books and other course materials can be purchased online through the UofA Press Store.


Payment Options:

1. Choose from one of the flexible payment plans offered.

2. Citizens of Kingdom Antonia are welcome to apply to the Education Benefits Bank Loan Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.  To do so, follow the instructions below.

3. We accept tuition assistance for non citizens.  Check with your governments local education office for further details.


Education Benefits Bank Loan Program:

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eClass Credits / Transfer Credits:

Similar to the Canadian System of Credits, a 1/2 Credit is awarded for each semester class completed.  Transfer credits are awarded based on the number of hours of instruction given and the relation to the subject material of the eClass.  Most credits from other colleges or Universities are transferable.  All transcripts must be official and submitted to the admissions office using the registration form for new students.


Grade Scale:

Percent                  Letter       GPA                             Notes

100-94                     A                4.0                Superior Quality Work

93-90                       A-               3.7               

89-87                       B+              3.3              

86-84                       B                3.0                 Above Average Work

83-80                       B-               2.7

79-77                       C+              2.3

76-73                       C                2.0                      Average Work

72-70                       C-               1.7                 Below Average Work

69-67                       D+              1.3             

66-64                       D                1.0                 Unsatisfactory Work

63-60                       D-               0.7                 Unsatisfactory Work

59-00                       F                 0.0                        Failing Work

                                  I                                               Incomplete

                                 W                                              Withdrawn

                                  X                                                   Audit